Don’t hate me mama,don’t hate me,

i understand you don’t like her,

i understand you don’t approve of her,

but mama,

she is the love of my life.


Don’t hate me Mama,

she isn’t you ideal type,

the type of a girl you like,

the type that lies on your ideologies,

but mama,

she is my happiness.


Don’t hate me mama,

i know she isn’t from a lovely family,

the kind of family you dream my ideal wife,

should come from,

but mama,

neither of us are the same.


Don’t hate me mama,

its not like i don’t love you,

or appreciate your opinion,

or even respect your view ,

but mama,

she makes my life complete.


How To Stay In Love – My Rights Or My Relationship

I love this


This month’s sermon series by Muriithi Wanjau (MW) and Carol Wanjau (CW)  is titled Staying In Love. We are learning biblical principles about how to have a loving, life-long marriage. Last week’s sermon How To Stay In Love – If You Want To Stay In Love 

June Series Flier Hill City- How to Stay in Love (Whatsapp & Instagram)

MW: So, what happens if I do, do, do, do for my spouse but get nothing in return? Doesn’t he or she also have to play their part and reciprocate?

CW: It’s called the 50:50 principle – you do your part and I’ll do mine. Most people today believe in this principle and at first glance, it makes a lot of sense. However, this 50:50 principle, as beautiful as it sounds, simply does not work.

MW: Why doesn’t the 50:50 principle work?

CW: I can think of at least 2 reasons:

  1.    50-50 depends on who’s counting.

Which spouse gets to…

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To my Beautiful LIZ.

When the first drop touched my face,

i was didn’t understand why,

just when i was an inch out of the mad,the rain starts.

This time,the touch was different

its massage was so smooth,

its caress was irresistible,

i let it caress me from my head and fill my body.


It rained,

I willingly and whole heartedly,

did float toward you.

You held my hand ,

planted a kiss on my lips,

subjected my heart to a beautiful,

and freely we floated down the valley,

locked together.

Sun will shine but we stuck together,

wind will blow but it won’t separate us,

Me,You were made to be together and everyday i will say I LOVE YOU.



I woke up feeling very funny,my mind still foggy after 7 hours of sleep.I felt tired,very tired which surprised me at first because on a normal day I usually wake up very jovial and so relaxed.

There was no way I was letting an alien feeling ruin my day.After a 10 minutes shower that’s when the alien feeling finally introduced itself after clearing my disturbed mind.I was PREGNANT.

Wait,did I just say pregnant?oooh! yes I did and I don’t need no doctor to look into my surprised face and say “Son,Congratulations you’re pregnant”

How did it happened?I  mean what transpired until I  found myself all alone with this guy?I really don’t understand but I will explain what I  know so far led to my pregnancy.

His name is IDEAS and though not expected he got me pregnant with so many baby ideas that I couldn’t hide them.I was a proud mum of many ideas,ideas about

*My lovely country,Kenya.

*My life

*My society

and so much more.

I want to make my country a better place to live,I want to make it so good that the next generations will look back and say “We have a beautiful country.We are proud of our fathers and fore fathers.”

Ideas on how to be the best husband to my wife-to-be,how to be the best father to my beautiful little Sirme’s. I simply want to be the best I can to make my country,my society and my life worth something even after am gone.

And this PREGNANCY is the best thing to ever happen to ME.



As i woke up this morning,i had some REFLECTION to do.What if i wasn’t healthy like i am,what if i didn’t have something to call breakfast…The what ifs were so many that i had to slap myself from that kind of thinking.

It wasn’t for long before my silly mind crawled back to the thinking.I mean i could have died in my sleep but i didn’t,i could have fallen sick and get bed ridden but i didn’t,i could have ……..and so many bad things could have happened to me while i was in another world of dreams and fantasy but nothing happened.Not even a headache.

According to my belief and understanding,i have a higher power who looks over me every second,who gives me another chance,another day to just take a minute and testify to his glory. Imela Papa was it not for you my life would be a mess.